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Mobility The fast changing landscape of mobile interfaces requires in-depth knowlege of tools and technologies to reduce the cost of upgrading mobile applications and keep them fresh on the multitude of platforms. Mobile interface is not an option anymore, it is critical to the success of any application and we can help you with the entire life cycle of your mobile applications.


Cloud Computing  CloudM is based on cloud technologies. We speak Docker and AWS. Our development and deployment is based on continous integration. From developers PC to the final server container, we can test, track and deploy faster and cleaner than traditional applicaiton providers in the space. Full automation at our end translates to lower costs for our customers.


M2M / IOT The era of machines is upon us. At CloudM we have domain expertise in developing and integrating sensors and traditional SCADA devices over meshed networks, GSM and satellite.

We work with Globalstar, Orbcomm and Iridium devices besides several hardware and software vendors in the GTA and can help you develop hardware devices with integrated web based software to manage, analyse and report on machine data.

We also provide a hosted solution for telematics, machine monitoring and sensor tracking with our in-house M2M platform.

CloudM has a vast range of expertise in developing complex systems. 

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in developing applications and infrastructure to run massive applications serving thousands of cutomers simultaneously.

Speak to us if your application and infrastrucre costs are affecting your bottom line.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Software development

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

We develop and design using cloud technologies to provide scale, low cost and highly availabie solutions to our customers.

Cloud Computing

The systems we have devloped deal with fast moving and large amount of machine data. We understand the challenges of developing M2M / IOT solutions


Our expertise in web and cell phone technologies allows us to provide you with a complete solution across the technology landscape


Cloud Computing

M2m / IOT

Reduce your IT costs with scalable CloudM solutions

We provide end to end IT solutions from initial design to the edge applications on cell phone, web device or any other custom device.


M2M / IOT Platform

CloudM M2M platform provides the building block to bring your M2M / IOT device to market.


We can work with you to integrate your device to the platform and build the required interfaces on edge devices.


Our CloudM platfrom has no limits on scale and therefore you are not constrained by volumes of devices or data when the usage or numbers of your device grow.

Cloud Development Services

Are you building a new solution from scratch or porting an existing solution to the cloud ? We can assist.


We undertake turnkey projects in migrating legacy applications to the cloud besides developing cloud enabeld applications from ground up. We can assist in all life cycles of the project.


Our expertise in SaaS development translates to lower costs, quicker development and you have the choice to run it on your own or managed by us.

Mobile Devices and hardware 

Our development team can build rich interfaces and custom application on most popular mobile platforms.


We also undertake hardware development with our partner companies, firmware development and development or implemention of high level protocols on BLE, Zigbee or satellite based channels.






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